MELA’s Data Set

MELAGRA: Grammatica – Grammatical themes analyzed by MELA

MELALI: Library – MELA’s Library, an archive of catalogs, monographs, critical editions, and scientific studies

MELAMA: Manuscripts – Miscellaneous Manuscripts containing grammatical material

MELAPER: Personae – Description of Prosopographical Material

MELAPHO: Photographs – MELA’s archive of photographs mapping each manuscript mentioned in our database

MELARE: Registers РByzantine textbooks for the teaching of grammar often describe a phenomenon (lemma, syntactic construction, grammatical theme) by presenting its behavior in different registers of the Greek of the time. This precious set of examples (contrasting e.g. Koin̬, Demotic, High-register, Poetic Greek), if correctly recorded, enables us to create a contrastive dictionary of the registers of the Greek of the time

MELATE: Texts – MELA-Source-Texts. MELA-Source-Texts are textbooks (grammar books, dictionaries, etc.) authored by: Maximos Planoudes, Manuel Moschopoulos, Nikephoros Gregoras, Georgios Lakapenos, Thomas Magistros, Ioannes Glykys, and Andreas Lopadiotes

MELATETRA: MELA’s source texts translated

MELAVO: Vocabulary of grammatical terms – MELAVO records words object of grammatical attention, Byzantine grammatical jargon, words mentioned in grammatical examples lemmatized and described